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These are real compliments, not solicited in any way (unlike some other companies!).

Bob... Just had to let you know... I've mailed out 100 and hand delivered about another 200 postcards with labels on them thus far and am well pleased!!! I would estimate the list we purchased from you is a solid 95% (or more) deliverable and we're already getting a 1% or more response rate. Thanks for providing such an excellent and economical mailing list service. Sincerely... John Miller/Financial Freedom

…We have TRIPLED our response rate by bringing the program "in house". We get a 28% response with the same offer. 28% not .28% of course our offer is for a free service but we were between 9 and 11% with a full service mailer [Moving Targets]. -JD

Bob, Great--thanks so much for your attentive service. -Tara

This time I want to buy about twice as many addresses. I want to expand my mailing radius. By the way the last 3 months of direct mailing has abruptly turned my business around, great results. -Bob Rodie (Rodie's Self-Storage)

Good morning, Bob. Thanks for the files. Just wanted to let you know that I was able to transfer it to Access with very little effort. I "cut" it down into sections… and each one transferred beautifully! Thanks so much! Regards, -Juanita

Very happy with our service, with the thousands we have mailed, only a few undeliverable and made many new contacts. -Tom

Bob, I appreciate your service and will continue to look to you for my mailing list needs. Thanks again. -Paul

I have been very pleased with your product, and we have had many visitors as a result of the mailing we do each month. -Pastor John

Looks great as always. I look forward to doing more business later this year. -Jim Bob

Awesome! I've already printed most of what I need from this list... Thanks! -MZ

We received the list. Thank you very much for your prompt service! -Leah

Bob thanks for the help. Every thing came through fine. -Lance

Bob, just wanted to let you know I received my list for February. Thank you! Looking forward to next month! -Rosie

Hi Bob, Did I say Thank You for my Mailing Listing yet? Thank You. Have a great day. -Mary

Thank you for the list. It seems like it will work perfect. -Mike

Thank you! You're so quick! -Teresa

Thank you, the list was received just fine on this end. Thank you for taking care of this. Blessings, -Gil

By the way, the first list you sent is working great. -Mary

Hello, Bob. I received the list and it downloaded beautifully. Thanks so much. I noticed that the 9-digit zip code is all in one column instead of two this time -- thanks!! I appreciate that. I will be connecting with you in a few weeks for more names. Regards, -Juanita

Bob, The comma delimited list worked fine. Thanks so much. -Bill

Thanks again for being so prompt. Michael and I truly appreciate it and if things go well around here, you will become our "list man." Thanks again, -Rich

It came through very well, and I was able to get mailing labels. Thanks so much!… and I look forward to next month's list! -Marcella

Bob I received the list thanks for the format it works perfectly. -Victoria

Hi Bob, You were right! I have become a master of "merge mail". Everything went great. -Gary

Received the list, and it looks great. Many thanks for your patience. -Tom